Andrew Tate and the West’s lost boys

In August 2022, English teacher Kirsty Pole took to Twitter to warn other teachers about a former kickboxer and Big Brother contestant who was “spouting dangerous, misogynistic and homophobic abuse” online.

The culprit was, of course, Andrew Tate. Pole was especially worried about his appeal to younger boys. As she told Sky News: “They already don’t know who they should be, if they’re allowed emotions, if they’re allowed to cry or if they need to ‘man up’.”

Tate has certainly made an impression. You will struggle to find a boy or young man who doesn’t know who he is, except perhaps among the Amish. My own 20-year-old son told me at the start of this year that I needed to examine Tate’s success, just as I was finishing up my book on boys and men.

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